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Annual Pfennigbasar Fundraiser

Planning is underway for our 46th annual Pfennigbasar fundraiser.  The bazaar is a once a year event that traditionally has been Stuttgart's largest and oldest indoor flea market.  The GAWC collects used housewares and clothing for the entire year leading up to the sale.  Donated items are collected from both local German and military communities then carefully pre-sorted for quality.  Buyers are pleased with the wares sold year after year at extremely low prices.  Ware include adult and childrens clothing, sportswear, toys, shoes, handbags, decor, household items and electronics.  We also hold the "Great American Bake Sale" at the Pfennigbasar.
Who Benefits?
All proceeds benefit the German and military commuity and an average of 50,000 Euros per year has been given away to deserving charities over the past few years.  Fifty percent of the money raised is donated to youth and student exchange programs.  Remaining funds are divided between projects, organizations, schools, althletic programs, and youth clubs.
2014 Location, Dates and Times
This years event is being held Tuesday, September 30th and Wednesday, October 1st at the Liederhalle, Berliner Platz 1-3 in downtown Stuttgart.  Sales Hours are from 9am to 8pm Tuesday, September 30th and from 9am to 5pm Wednesday, October 1st.  Set up day will be Monday, September 29th.
Volunteer Opportunities
In 2013, over 500 volunteers worked an amazing 10,000 hours of volunteer time.  How can you help?  We have many volunteer opportunites for both individuals and groups.  Sign up today to take part in this fun cross-cultural event!  We have opportunities to volunteer by setting up the goods to be sold, helping with logistics, sales, security & crowd control, and much more.  It is an event that is appropriate for older teens and adults to volunteer.  Super team building opportunity!
Contact Information
Pat Schultz, PB Chair Person  
Phone:  01516-740-2690

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AFN News Story 


Not too long after WWII the German American Women's Club was founded to give back to the Community. Now, 61 years later the GAWC held their 44th Annual Pfennig Bazaar. Army SGT Dan Maffett has more.

PHOTOS from 2012 Pfennig Bazaar