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Coffee, Cake & Cocktails

Jan 24




CHAT @ One

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SIG     Special Interest Groups 

2018-2019 Special Interest Groups

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet at various times during the month/year.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact our SIG Organizer at:

Social Activities

 Chat at Café one M                                                  

 Meet other club members for a cup of coffee at chat

   When:             Wednesdays, once a month, from 10 a.m. till 12 a.m.              

                         January 10th    /       February 7th                 

Where:           Coffee Shop department store Breuninger 1. floor

 Info:                Annette Schäfer        0711 - 887 93 63 ;                         Claudia Rava             0711 - 32 96 23



 Monthly get-together for Club members, husbands and friends

 When:             every fourth Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.               

                        January 24th           /          February 28th

 Where:           Sanwald Brauerei Wirtshaus, Silberburgstr. 157, Stuttgart down town  

                        Public transportation: S2 or S3 Stopp Rotebühlplatz or Feuersee                                                                                 

Info:                Daniela Schott                       0711 - 615 95 55 

                        Gerhilt Becher- Joslin           0711 - 42 11 74 


New: Coffee, Cake & Cocktails

Meet friends for coffee and cake or a nice prosecco after work

 When:             4 - 7 p.m.         January 24th

Where:           John-Cranko-Lounge, Schlossgarten Hotel Stuttgart, Schillerstraße 23, 70173  Stuttgart

                        Public transportation to Hauptbahnhof

 Info:                Barbara Klein             

                        Katharina Svendsen   

Cultural Activities / Entertainment

 Museum & Art

 We are going to visit local artists and museums;  Tour in German and English.

Lots of fun for artists and art-lovers

Info:                Nicole Rubbe             0711 - 720 74 07
                          Pamela Howard        0711 - 683 959  


Off the beaten path (NOT IN THE MOMENT)

 Field trips to hidden places in the Stuttgart area

 Info:             Caroline Eppinger    new:

                        Diana Bisinger           new:


Stäffele tours

 Walking tours up and down the Stuttgarter Stäffele (stairways) that connect the upper and lower part of Stuttgart

When:             December 15th vom 1 p.m.

 If you are interested in lunch, crafts and Glühwein please contact Monila via Mail
 Info:             Monika Kunz            07156-1780338 

                        Trami Kraft                                        

English Literature Group   

 We are looking for new members - more english native speaker would create more diversity     

When:             once a month, Fridays 10-12 a.m.

Where:           at different homes
 Info:             Gaby Weber              0151-24192478 

                        Christa Laufs            0711/2369300   


English Literature Group  

When:             once a month on Friday
Where:           home of the group members
Info:              Ursula Seyfried-Löwer         0711-473554     

                        Mary Kaiser                          07156 - 257 63  

German/English Conversation Group

 Monthly get-together to have a nice chat and practise a English an German language.

New participants are always welcome!       

When:             Mondays 3 - 5 p.m.       December 4th
Where:           Restaurant  Alte Kanzlei, Schillerplatz 5, 70173 Stuttgart kleine Schloßplatz
Info:                Sigrid Hell      0711-514802     

















Conversation Française

 Info:                Gabrielle Wilken       0711- 856 206
Spanish Group “Tertulia”                                         
Info:                Julia Moro                 0711 - 765 3772                       
                           Inge Cardona            0711 – 68 16 45

Spanish Group "El Encuentro”     

El Encuentro / Conversación y Literatura
Si hablas espanol y quieres practicarlo en un ambiente ameno y agradable, te esperamos! 

When:             3. Monday morning of the month  10-12 AM
                        January 15 th 2018   /     no Spanish in February     /             March 19 th
Where:           Rathaus Café in der Rathaus Passage 2
Info:                Carmen Orgeldinger            0171 - 7995637

Sports and Health

 Tennis – We play doubles.   Summer (outdoor season ) in planning  - please ask Nicole and Mary
Fall (indoor season):
When:             Thursday 9.a.m -10 a.m.
Where:           Tennisclub Weiss-Rot, Rotenwaldstrasse 383, 70197 Stuttgart 
Info:                Mary Kaiser  07156 - 257 63  
                          Nicole Rubbe 0711 - 7207       

 New players are always welcome as well as subs to fill in occasionally. Players should be on an intermediate to advanced level.

We meet twice a month for 9 holes Scramble depending on partners with or without lunch afterwards. Open for all beginners with a minimum handicap.
When:             Thursday Morning 9.30 a.m meeting and start around 10 a.m/    NOT IN WINTERTIME
Where:           STUTTGART Golf Course, Golfclub NECKARTAL ,
                           Aldinger Strasse 975, 70806 Kornwestheim
Info:                Sibylle Bopp    
                          Beate Krink     



 Bridge Practice Group
When:             Fridays, at 10 a.m
Where:           at the home of Annemarie Friedmann
Info:                Annemarie Friedmann         07141 - 991 5750

Bridge Group                                               
When:             Wednesday mornings at 9.30 a.m. - 12.30.a.m. and

                        Wednesday afternoon at 1.30 p.m. - 5 p.m.

                        rotation every 2 weeks
Where:           in the homes of different participants
Info:                Ingrid M. Weber       0711 - 9075 771

Bridge Group
We are a very friendly group who play social Bridge in English, not keeping score, but a basic knowledge of the rules would be appreciated.
When:             Fridays, at 10-12 a.m.
Where:           at the home of Sibylle Stanzl in Stuttgart-Vaihingen
Info:                Sibylle Stanzl 0711 - 220 455 47

Mahjongg –    easy to learn and fun to play in English and German
When:             Wednesdays
Where:           at the home of Salome Tan
Info:                Salome Tan                0171 - 8603890 


Vegetarian Cooking
When:             every 6 weeks
Where:           in different homes
Info:                Cahide Krüger                      0711 - 312262
                        Carmen Orgeldinger             07163 - 3736


Wine and Cheese
Learning wine and tasting events throughout the region, 4-6 times a year, at different homes or restaurants
December event: Understanding Tannin (Polyphenols)
Date: November 7    Format: Wine and appetizer    Location: Member residence in Holzgerlingen  
White Wines (2): German and French Dry Riesling 
Red Wines - A selection of four of the following wines: Pinot Noir, Grenache, Sangiovese (or Tempranillo), Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat (or Petite Sirah)
Where:                       TBD                                           When:                         TBD
Info:                Petra Palmertree       0152/25280844        

For   Breakfast -  Lunch Bunch  -  Dining Out   Groups
please refer to the booklet or contact

Club Projects
ALL Members are very welcome to take part in these Projects


Soup Kitchen“Vesperkirche” , at Leonhardskirche Stuttgart,
On Tuesdays during the month of January, February and March
Info:                Sabine Rodewoldt                 0711 - 7657364 


Robert Bosch Krankenhaus RBK
Group of helpers visit the Geriatric Department of RBK having conversation with Patients and coffee
We are looking for new helpers. Don't hesitate to join even if you are not speaking German.
Everybody is welcome
When:              Every 2. Wednesday of the month
                             Last Thursday of the month concert at RBK
Info:              Ulrike Wagner          0711 - 859595   
                        Monika Kunz          07156 - 1780338 


Sister Margret's Breakfast Kitchen - Franziskusstube

Sister Margaret has been running the Stuttgart Franziskusstube Breakfast kitchen for over 35 years. Her day starts at 07:00 am Monday through Saturday with a few volunteers where they serve Breakfast from 7:30 until 9:30 and distribute Clothing to approx. 70-90 Homeless individuals. Clean up completes about 10:00 or 10:30 am.
When:             Every Saturday and/or Weekdays   7 - 10 a.m.
Where:           Paulinenstrasse 18, 70182 Stuttgart
Info:                Juanita Harvin            

Perspective Breakfast Kitchen Volunteers at the Franziskusstube, is our NEW SIG to come and Volunteer on Saturday’s.   Start time on Saturday's is 7 am to help setup for Breakfast. Cut Bread, meat & cheese, set tables, and then serve coffee & Tea from 07:30-9:30, and clean up until 10:00.  Students, starting at the age of 12 , may assist with an adult present.  If you have extra time, you can also check with Sister Margret if she has other day's she needs help through the week, Mon-Sat.   OK.   THANK YOU!

 TO Sign up on Volunteer spot for Saturday’s.